I'm Kyle Cranford, and this is Capstrat’s The Week That Was.

The 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, also known as March Madness, ended recently.

A lot of people around here wish it had been North Carolina’s Tar Heels who cut down the net, but we were riveted anyway.

Just like every year, some people's brackets were busted early and some broke down late. You go in thinking you have it all figured out. You come out with your heart pounding and your fingernails chewed down. And I can never get enough.

Look at where all this starts.

Look at how orderly this looks. How precise. Some people even call it the science of “bracketology.”

Well, tell that to Texas. Tell that to Michigan State. Ask Cal, or Utah, or Arizona how they feel about the cool, rectilinear logic of this bracket.

The truth is, there IS a lot of rational calculus that goes into a bracket. Teams come in with track records, weaknesses, and tendencies, and it’s all backed up by reams of data.

Believe it or not, it’s like that in our work too. Designers here at Capstrat face a tough opponent every day: a blank page. We face a choice between playing the percentages and taking a risk. We go in knowing the outcome is going to depend on a mix of the things we have to know ahead of time and the surprises we’ll find along the way. We owe it to our clients to go where that ride takes us - to live the madness.

We have a plan. We have a brief that tells us what we need to accomplish and how. We have a deadline.

And then reality happens.

It turns out that of all the things reality adds to the process, the most valuable is the unexpected. Just like in basketball, the plan is what makes it possible. But the madness is what makes it great.

For the Villanova Wildcats, this year’s madness is over except for the celebrating. But for the people who do this every day, the madness never stops.

Everyone starts out with a plan. No plan survives unscathed by events. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I'm Kyle Cranford, and this has been Capstrat’s The Week That Was.