Confessions of a Twitter skeptic

Twitter. It's hard to think about pop culture today without it. Everyone from celebrities to grandparents to corporations seems to be logged on, tweeting to their followers. But is that really the case? What about those who've been slow to give in to the hype -- like me? 

Most of my Capstrat colleagues have a Twitter account, but I had the feeling most Americans aren't on Twitter. Curious about the truth, I did a quick Google search. Here's what I found. 

A poll by Harris Interactive reported that half of Americans (51 percent) do not use Twitter or have a MySpace or Facebook account. Only five percent of Americans polled said they use Twitter. 

A survey conducted by Sysomos found that five percent of Twitter users account for 75 percent of all activity. Interestingly, about 85 percent of all users post less than one update per day and 21 percent of users have never posted a tweet. 

So maybe Twitterers aren't as active as it seems. 

In all honesty, I've shied away from the Twitter bandwagon. I tackled Facebook, but something about Twitter has kept me away. Perhaps it's the concern over tweeting interesting tidbits that people want to read. Or maybe it's the addition of another medium to keep tabs on. Either way, I've been an onlooker to others joining the game, despite their encouragement that I join. 

However, that's all changing. In an effort to step out of my comfort zone in 2010, I'm going to give Twitter a test drive. I want to find out what everyone loves about it, first-hand. 

I'm off to start tweeting. I'll see you there – @elane0513.