Hunker Down or Man-Up?

Between the earthquake and Hurricane Irene, phrases like "stay safe" and "hunker down" were repeated over and over in social media dialog over the past few weeks. Government officials and the news media wisely encouraged caution and warned against the risks associated with getting out in the storm. But does the same logic apply in with your company?

That same sentiment often prevails during economic storms. Companies adopt strategies to get through the tough times, sometimes cutting staff or scaling back R&D. Certainly there are times when a company needs to trim the sails and wait for more favorable conditions.

But few companies can afford to play it safe for very long, particularly when economic conditions aren’t conducive to growth in their core business.

When hunkering down is no longer an option and business as usual won’t produce results, companies find themselves at a critical moment where they have to make something happen. Often these are the times where leaders need to take bold actions to propel their business forward.

The companies taking bold actions today are expanding into new categories or markets, exploring acquisition opportunities, bringing on new leadership or adapting their business model for a new future.

This issue of the Capstrat Update provides three examples of the role communications plays in supporting bold business initiatives like new product launches, leadership transition and business transformation. These examples reflect the aggressive, forward-thinking approach we see with many clients today — companies that are done hunkering down and are ready to man-up for the next challenge.

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