Job Tip #11: Have a professional online presence

Like it or not your next employer will Google you it’s just a matter of what you want them to find. Your Facebook page does not count as your web presence.

It goes without saying that if you are gunning for a web developer or designer job that you need to have your own website featuring your portfolio. However, if that’s not you, you don’t have to be intimidated at the thought of showing off your work online.  The great about all these sites is you don’t need to be an HTML guru. These sites allow you to have a personalized profile showing off your talent, skills and background without knowing a tag.

If you haven’t done so already and if nothing else, create a LinkedIn profile, even if you are still in school. This is important for two reasons. One, you can have a profile that shows where you have been and where you want to go, but also it lets other people find you through people they know. People are more likely to hire someone they know or a personal referral. Don’t stop at the profile; make connections. The power of LinkedIn is being able to build your network and leverage your network.  Personally, I only connect with people I feel comfortable making a connection for that person.

I previously wrote about having your own domain name, but not everyone has web skillz to create a site (you should still buy a domain and set up and email address). There are several sites you can have an online identity without knowing HTML. One of my favorites came from my pal, HR expert and blog writer Laurie RuettimannVisualCV. This is a great way to spice up your resume and showcase your work. It has come in handy when people unexpectedly wanted to view my resume and I could point them to the link. 

Another good site is This is an easy one-stop shop where you can add links to all of your profiles and give people one easy link. It is essentially an online business card.

What are your suggestions for creating an online presence for the non-web skilled crowd?