Love, Die, Submit: Digital love and digital death

Two of Capstrat's ideas were selected for the SXSW Interactive conference this year. The SXSW interactive festival celebrates the creativity and passion behind the coolest new media technologies. There are hundreds of panel sessions that cover everything from Web design to development to social networks to starting your own Web-based start-up. The newest element of the event is ScreenBurn at SXSW, which adds specific gaming industry programming as well as a three-day Arcade to the mix. 

Todd Moy and Laura Bryant are interested in love in the clouds – wondering specifically of marriage could exist online only . Could two people really share a life without ever meeting in meatspace? We discuss how online-only marriages could work. What current assumptions and apprehensions will seem quaint tomorrow? What are the barriers, and what answers will technology provide? In a world that’s redefining marriage, is this the next logical step? Margot C Lester is co-presenting with us. Margot lives in the Triangle and has a recurring column on MSN / She has a unique and personal perspective on online dating, having met her husband online. 

Evan Carroll and John Romano are interested in finding out who will check their email after they die . Ever wondered what will happen to your digital existence after you die? E-mail, domain names, social networking content – do you want to leave it behind, "bequeath" it, or delete it? This in-depth discussion will provide technical, philosophical and legal insights on how to articulate your final online wishes. Matt Ludwig is co-presenting with us. We met Matt in late 2008 after a discussion about the digital afterlife came up on the IxDA (Interaction Design Association) listserv. He is working on a project that addressed exactly these issues.

To start discussions around these topics, we have created a blog that focuses on submitting to love and death . Check out posts from John, Laura, Evan and Todd as well as our two co-panelists. The blog is interesting whether you are interested in Digital Love or Digital Death .