Orange You Glad?

Hi I’m Binta Cissé and this is Capstrat’s The Week That Was.

Have you ever wanted to enjoy an orange but didn’t want to go through the terrible torture of peeling it? I know, I know, SO laborious. Well that must have been what Whole Foods was thinking when they decided to sell peeled oranges in plastic containers. While we do live in an era where convenience often reigns supreme, plastic containers for peeled oranges from a brand that claims to “practice and advance environmental stewardship” ehh probably not the best move. But don’t worry, the internet was there to put them in check.

After more than 17,000 angry tweets, our friends at Whole Foods held up the white flag and let the masses know that the oranges inside the plastic containers were coming off the shelves. It took them all of three hours.

Along with being yet another example of the power of social media, orange gate 2016 also demonstrated the appropriate way a brand should respond when they are in the wrong.

While all mistakes are not created equal, the possibility of things spiraling out of control and becoming a full-blown crisis is always present, especially with the rapid nature of social media. But we can’t expect to live in a world without error. That is why the response to those errors becomes a critical point that can make or break a brand.

So, Whole Foods took the high road by owning up to its blunder, apologizing and working to make it right. And they did so quickly. Crisis averted. Now we can all go back to buying our organic, cage-free, free-range, grass-fed, peel-included produce. Orange you glad?

I’m Binta Cissé and this has been Capstrat’s The Week That Was.