Sorry, there’s no magic bullet.

That’s right. There’s no magic bullet. No one tactic is going to fix the big, complex communications hurdles faced by companies in industries like health care, technology, energy and financial services. And that’s OK, because a diversified communications strategy, just like a diversified investment portfolio, provides some piece of mind. You aren’t putting all your eggs in one basket. You’re leveraging the benefits of different channels to reach your goals. 

We talk a lot at Capstrat about paid, owned and earned strategies. When all three come together cohesively, you can reach your target audiences with the right messages at the right time. I have yet to hear anyone say it’s a bad idea. But sometimes budgets and other factors mean we can’t do it all. Or at least, we can’t do it all at full force. So we as communicators are tempted to just pick one and hope it’s the magic bullet.

Instead of crossing fingers, take a step back and think about the benefits and drawbacks of each and how they fit with your goals.

Are you trying to build authority with a specific group? You’ll find credibility in earned media, but don’t forget about the visibility and control of some smart targeting through social advertising. Do you need to communicate a complex issue to a large group of people? Consider owned media with an interactive infographic and some paid search and optimized social sharing.

Make the case by showing how your bases are covered. If you use each tool, you’ll have a variable mix of control, visibility and credibility. It’s just about finding the right balance for your resources and your goals.