Target Sweeps the GRAMMYs

Hi, I’m Megan Van Patten, and this is Capstrat’s The Week That Was.

Despite the continuous drop in ratings for awards shows, clients are still investing. Target just purchased an entire 4-minute commercial block during the Grammys show to air a live-recorded music video.

Created by Deutsch and directed by music video veteran Sophie Muller, Gwen Stefani’s “Make Me Like You” is chock full of strategic genius. Not only are there clever Easter eggs hidden throughout but the suspense of watching Gwen pull off a live act (which included roller skating) kept the audience’s undivided attention.

Additional broadcasts of the performance were distributed thorugh Facebook Live, Snapchat and Periscope. What’s most interesting about this decision is the brand value it brings to Target. The unorthodox production was the last thing you’d expect from a superstore and it wasn’t just a sponsored stage. It was an unexpected experience. Target rewarded viewers by replacing typical commercials with a live show and still managed to keep it very closely tied to their brand. Gwen Stefani has a clothing line in stores and is about to release a Target-exclusive edition of her new album.

The key takeaway here is to consider who and what your audience is paying attention to in order to identify strategic integration opportunities. Creating something unexpected but relevant boosts brand integrity and escalates interest.

Makes us wonder, what’s next for Target? They certainly have us expecting more.

I’m Megan Van Patten, and this has been Capstrat’s The Week That Was.