Thought Leadership Thursday: 5 Tips to Effectively Pitch Bloggers

In last week’s edition of “Thought Leadership Thursday,” Angela Connor stressed the importance of showcasing knowledge through comments on blogs and news stories. Before that, Jay Dolan provided “Three Steps to Developing a Content Strategy.”

It is crucial to develop your own voice in comments, posts and other content to establish thought leadership. But sometimes outsider third party endorsement is just what you need to elevate public opinion.

Once you narrow down a list of influencers, you must tailor your approach to resonate with each.

Here are five tips to effectively pitch your story:

1. Connect with influencers on social media: Familiarize the influencer with yourself as an individual, not necessarily the brand or company for which you are pitching. Follow them on Twitter and file them under a Twitter list with an attention-grabbing name. Interact with their content if appropriate.

2. Take time to get to know them and their content: Sure, you have already vetted the blog. But for the pitch, understand their voice and their distinct point of view. Match the formality or informality of your language to theirs. Mention a relevant or recent featured topic.

3. Only pitch relevant information: Make sure the blogger and their audience would gain something from your pitch. Do they currently do something that aligns with what you can offer them? If they feature a weekly Q&A, suggest an interview. If they do regular giveaways, elicit a product review or contest partnership. By making their job easier, you will be one step closer to a featured post.

4. Follow up: If you do not hear back on your first attempt, try again. Make sure you do not send the same message and do not reply to your first email. Be polite. Bloggers are busy and things slip through inboxes. On the flip side, do not badger them incessantly or they won’t consider working with you now or in the future.

5. Keep in touch: Once you have built a relationship, keep up with the influencer. Read their content and interact once in a while. You may have the chance to pitch them another story. Treat them as you would a former colleague or business contact.

Some influencers get pitched tens, hundreds or even thousands of times per day. By following these five steps, you will give yourself a leg up on the competition and a larger span of thought leadership.

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