Thought Leadership Thursday – How to Find the Right Social Network for Your Business

Once again, it’s Thought Leadership Thursday!

I’m often asked, “Which social network is right for my business?” While I wish there was a one-size-fits-all answer, it’s not that straightforward. Do you select a mainstream social network like Facebook or Twitter, or a more focused effort on a smaller network like Quora?

Deciding which social media platform is right for your business – and where you can ultimately spread thought leadership – depends on one thing: where your audience is.

Find your Social Media Audience

Your audience is comprised of the people who will have the biggest impact on your social networking efforts. Finding this audience may be the most time intensive part of deciding on a social network, but the research done here will have a long-lasting impact. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while researching your audience:

  • Set your own preferences aside – You may love Pinterest, but your customers may love Springboard. Look at multiple social networks, even unfamiliar ones, to see if potential audiences are waiting for you.
  • Start searching – The search tools for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ give immediate access and insight into what people are saying right now about your company and your products, if they are saying anything at all.
  • Use directories and lists – User- generated lists and directories are a boon to finding audiences online. Dig through directories like Klout, Followerwonk, and Twellow to locate your audience.
  • Look at your competition – Do your competitors already have a social media presence, and if so, how successful is it? Don’t be afraid to use your competition’s social channels against them to find influencers and audiences.

Facebook has over 800 million users with more than half of them logging in daily. 500 million Twitter users send 290 million tweets daily. There are 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. Your audience is online.

Now go and find them.

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