Three Easy Facebook Engagement Tactics

 I hate to say it, but without a compelling reason, Facebook users don’t log onto Facebook to come to your brand page. comScore reports that Facebook users spend less than 25% of their time on Facebook on brand pages. With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to have fans comment, like and share your content in their newsfeeds so your brand shows up in their friend’s news feeds and news tickers.

Here are three quick ideas you can use to boost your fans’ engagement with your content. While it’s up to you to know what specific content will connect with your audience, these ideas will increase impressions and help drive new fans to like your page:

  1. Like this post: This kind of post is easy. Possibly too easy. Write “Like this post if you love _____” and fill in the blank with something about your brand. Hit post, and watch the likes roll in. Don’t post this too often though. Fans will catch on quickly and start ignoring you.
  2. Ask Questions: Get your feedback from the people who are most engaged with you and your products. Ask simple, targeted questions. “What’s your favorite service?” “What do you like best about Product A?” Questions invite comments, which increases engagement and gives you insights into your work.
  3. Post a photo: A picture is worth a thousand likes on Facebook. Facebook’s latest updates prioritize photos. Photos are the colorful bursts that break up the black and white of the newsfeed. Give your fans exclusive pictures, and watch their comments and likes roll in.

It’s easy to over think how to engage your Facebook community as part of a larger strategy.  These tactics make it easy for fans to connect to you quickly and easily from the newsfeed. The easier it is to participate there, the more likely they are to engage. 

What’s your simple tactic to reach out and engage your Facebook fans on the newsfeed?