Webinar Recap: Healthcare Marketing Is Dead

Healthcare marketing has changed dramatically over the years. With high costs and complicated health plans, many  Americans avoid healthcare altogether. Our webinar, “Healthcare Marketing Is Dead,” explains ways for healthcare marketers to reach an audience that would rather use WebMD to diagnose themselves. Here are three highlights from the webinar that are just what the doctor ordered:

  1. Not every metric matters. When it comes to measuring the success of your campaigns, you should feel confident that the KPIs you choose to track are strong indicators of progress. But the key to continued success is to know when to optimize your campaigns to enhance your marketing efforts. Be careful not to make too many optimizations at once so that you can see how those changes made an impact. Changing too many things at once can leave you in the dark on which campaigns are actually performing well and delivering on your goals. After taking a look at the data, you may decide to stop measuring one aspect of your campaign because it isn’t moving the needle in regard to your campaign objectives.
  2. Trust commands attention. Ninety percent of consumers choose a provider based on reputation. Eighty-three percent choose based on previous experience. These numbers clearly justify that building a favorable reputation should be at the top of your priority list. Track your progress toward relationship-building rather than focusing on patient volume growth or revenue.
  3. Consumers rely on their friends and social media to research brands for them. How many of you have taken to Facebook or a comments section to see what others are saying before you purchase something? We’ve all done it. Why not use that same principle for your brand? Learn from this and follow the crowd to create an experience that will resonate with your target audience. Every brand should be at the intersection of social and mobile – so publish content on platforms your target consumers already read.

Healthcare marketing as we used to know it is dead, but it can be revived with a few simple steps. Provide the care that you would want to receive from your brand and really think about the audience you want to reach. To listen to this webinar recording, please click here. For more on this topic, contact us at capstrat.com.