Live blog from the Internet Summit: What social media tools do you need?

I'm at the 2010 Internet Summit attending a variety of sessions on social media and analytics. The social media intensive is all about creating a social media power plan. There are a lot of people here hungry for information. Some of what I'm hearing is very similar to what I've heard over the last three years. People don't necessarily  know where to start, and they focus on the tools or platforms as opposed to the goals. Whatever you do in social media should always support your business objectives and not every platform will do that. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone *needs* to be on Facebook, and one way to prove that is simply asking them to tell you why they need to be there.

But I'm here to post a live blog, so I will stop there.  On with the show...

10:47: Another person in the audience is asking why he has more traction on Twitter than Facebook. Eric tells him that it simply means that his customers are on Twitter, not Facebook. Tells him to take his email list, create a new gmail account. Import that customer list. Go to FB and use the gmail connector to find your friends. That's how you can find out if your customers are on Facebook. He says do the same on Twitter.

10:43: Question from the audience: Can you monitor conversations based on geography? Eric suggests using the maps in Google Analytics. Another woman says that her potential customers can't access social media during the day at work so they can't even get to them  through social media. Wants to know if there are tools that will assist with B to B. ( I am going to go talk to her after this session.)

10:37: Three must-have integrations: Squeeze value out of links and directs. Use coupon systems to link offline. External platform embeds. He says you have to have content that is easily shared on your website.

10:33: There are some people doing social marketing who want to use every single tool. He references Jay Baer, who recently wrote a post back in February about the 39 social tools you need to use. He calls this ridiculous. Says he'd rather use a few that he knows very well, than everything. 

10:25: Which do you value more? Your social assets that you own, like your blog and website? Or Facebook? You don't own it. Keep that in mind. Boggs is saying be mindful about where you make your investments.

 10:19: You need organization and workflow when you're responding to users/customers/potential customers. Some of the free tools make that difficult when you're engaging with the public. 

10:15: Moving on to monitoring tools- Google Alerts is a powerful drug, sentiment is neutral. Beware of over-reacting. (I know I've seen some serious's important to take into account the influence of the person talking about you online.)  For big brands, this is crucial. 

10:05: What are your business objectives? You have to know this.When someone asks you what tools they should use, you need to know the  business objectives and goals. Someone in the audience is discussing her companies business objectives, goals and metrics. Eric is really pushing this. She knows the goals and objectives but the metrics aren't so clear.

10:01: We're getting ready to hear from Eric Boggs, CEO of Argyle Social (Disclosure: Capstrat uses Argyle Social as part of our social media measurement)