Client: UNC-Chapel Hill Rethinking College Admissions Campaigns

UNC-Chapel Hill, one of the top-ranked public institutions in the US, came to Capstrat with a long-term goal of attracting and enrolling the top students around the world. With 30,000+ applications for admission each year, the University didn’t have a quantity problem. We worked together to build a communications strategy that would help UNC find and engage the right students and aid in their mission to build an entering class whose intellect, talent, and variety of background and perspective were top-notch. The focal point of the communications, which began with a new website, was user-generated content from stand-out UNC students. Prospects could get a sneak peek into what their lives at Carolina could be like. The print collateral covered the admissions lifecycle including a freshman mailer-turned-quiz to the “You’re In.” admittance brochure.